Once you have booked your appointment

You will receive a confirmation email and a reminder text the day before.
Appointments reserve you a fitting room as we are often fully booked and it ensures minimal waiting.
Please note that on weekends, although we do try to avoid waiting around we cannot guarantee that there will not be a short waiting time.

An appointment with your stylist

Our stylists are here to help you through all the collections choosing all your favourite dresses to try on.

 Picking from over 2,000 styles

Your stylist will help you go through all the collections and talk you through the styles/brands/colours etc.
They often ask you questions about what you have in mind and help you pick a collection of dresses to
try on in your perfect style colour and size, all while taking into account your budget.
If you don’t  know what your looking for that’s no problem, don’t worry!
Your stylist will help you choose a collection that matches your personality and pick a range of colours to try on to see what suits you.

Once your stylist has helped you pick out your first selection of dresses

Our store is fully Air-conditioned and we have seating for all your friends and family (unfortunately not the dog-but were working on it).
We even have a private seating area for dads who don’t want to be in the busy fitting room.
Everyone can get a comfortable seat while we get you some hot and cold beverages.
You can play dress-up with our selection of props for the perfect selfie or strut your stuff on the catwalk and enjoy the privacy of our large VIP fitting rooms.
Our beautifully designed store will make you feel like a princess from the moment you walk in!


Please use the form below and leave your details along with suitable appointment day and time!

We will get back to you.