Why should I choose Sonique as my fashion shop?

When you look gorgeous, you feel extremely great! Sonique is the perfect place to get the best collection of dresses paired with flawless styles. A finished look wearing our quality dresses to enhance your beauty and feelings. At Sonique, we understand that every woman is truly different, and that is why we take pride in offering an exquisite sense of style that will make you elegant and more confidence as you strut out. Other reasons to choose us include:

  • Competitive prices
  • Great customer service
  • Qualified and experienced team
  • We are comfortably located in an accessible environment


Do I need to book an appointment to try dresses on?

Nothing is more valuable than your time as you’ve got so much to do already. In order to not to waste your time while offering you the best services, we operate by appointment. Pre-booking crosses one thing off your to-do list as you’ll be certain of what is achievable! Once you visit on your appointed time, we guarantee the best experience with your own personal stylist from our friendly team who won’t stop until you’ve found the perfect dress for your outing.


How do I book an appointment?

You can walk in to our store and book an appointment and likewise, you can book  your appointment by phone (0121 631 3574). However, it is important that you make it to our store on your appointed time or notify us of any changes in your schedules.

When can I book an appointment?

Our store open 7 days a week, you can book your appointment at any hour of the day  till 9pm at night.


Do I need to pay upfront for the dress?

If there is anything we make our priority at Sonique, it is the comfort of our clients. We want our entire client to be as comfortable as possible in terms of services we render and their payment. In lieu of this, there are two payment options available; the first one is the deposit of 50% to secure your order while no further payment will be requested until the dress arrives in the store.

The other available option is the deposit of £100 to secure your order while you pay the rest monthly at no additional cost until you balance up the payment to claim your dress.

The dress does not need to be paid for in full until alterations take place or it leaves the store. Sonique can hold your dress for as long as you wish us to.


Do I have to take my dress as soon as it arrived in the store?

The choice is yours, if you think your dress will be safer with us, we are more than happy to store any gown in store until the day of the event for no extra charge, even if the gown is paid for in full.


What is the minimum deposit required to secure a dress?

We said 50% but it is important for you to know that the minimum deposit to secure your order us a £50 deposit. You can then make flexible payment plans that will suit you at no additional cost.


Can Sonique provide me with an alterations service?

We ensure all sizes of our dresses are accurate and perfectly fit especially the length. We ensure all these to make sure no unnecessary alteration and changes will be needed on our dresses. However, when there is a need for alteration, we recommend reputable stitches that are professionals and have been working with us on our dresses that require alteration for over ten years. They are located just an escalator away from our store & can even do alterations on the same day.

They offer very much hassle free & excellent service at an affordable cost; usually between £20 – £40 depending on what is require to be done.


Do you stock plus sizes?

Sonique stock a huge range of dresses in all sizes. We cater for larger and very petite sizes. No matter what your size is, you will be spoilt for dress choice!


How do I choose the right color and style?

Our team comprises of professionals who know the best color combination for every complexion and occasion. They offer trusted expertise opinion to fit our clients’ need at no cost and they are always available to answer customers questions and provide them with complimentary consultations.