PRO TIP : Try to avoid weekends(where possible)

Sonique is the trusted prom retailer every year to thousands of prom girls. This means we are often fully booked well in advance, during weekends and half term. (Even with 10 fitting rooms!) For this reason during prom season (Jan-June) we have extended prom hours from 10am - 10pm. Visit to book your appointment at any time or call us on 0121 631 3574 and we’ll be happy to help.


PRO TIP : Take Photos

Please don’t forget to check out our online catalogue and take any screenshots of anything you see on our website or Instagram and well get them for you right away.

PRO TIP : Wear something comfortable.

As you may be trying on lots of dresses, try and dress in something easy to slip in and out of. Please also try to refrain using tan on the day of your appointment, as it leaves marks on the inside of our dresses J.


PRO TIP : Keep an open mind!

With so many beautiful dresses at our dress heaven superstore, you may find yourself coming in looking for a certain style but end up falling in love with your dream dress which is completely different to what you had in mind! We find this to be the case a lot of the time. If you have a style in mind however, visit our website and use our store filter to pick the colour and style and budget you desire and check out all your possibilities, just be sure to take a picture to show us instore so we can get them for you to try on!